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With Gratitude: Uncovering Your Podcasting and SEO Interests

Thank you for embarking on this survey, where your curiosity and engagement meet our eagerness to develop better content. Your valuable input allows us to refine our offerings to meet your diverse interests more effectively. We can't wait to learn more about your preferences as we continue on this path of creating meaningful and engaging content, inspired by you!
Content Cocktail: Stirring Up Your Content Preferences



How do you prefer to consume content related to podcasting and SEO? (Select all that apply)



What type of content do you prefer when consuming information on podcasting and SEO? (Select all that apply)



What podcasting-related subject matter interests you the most? (Select all that apply)
Not interested
A little interested
Very interested!
Podcast Production & Launch Tips
Equipment, Gear & Reviews
Sofwtare and AI Tools for Podcasting
Podcast Marketing & SEO
Podcast monetization
Podcasting Culture & Impact



How important is visual content (e.g., images, charts, graphs) when consuming content on podcasting and SEO?