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Employee Feedback: Workplace Culture & Management

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on workplace culture and your direct managers. This anonymous survey will help us identify strengths and opportunities for growth, as we strive to create a thriving and inclusive environment for all team members!



Indicate your level of satisfaction for each item.
Not Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Very Satisfied
HR Leadership
Your Direct Manager
Synergy with Your Team Members
Working Environment
Work/Life Balance



If given the opportunity, what development training would you be interested in participating to support your career goals?



Is your team a source of motivation for you to perform at your best?



Indicate your response to each item
Open and transparent communication is encouraged on our HR team.
Opportunities for my professional development and growth are readily available.
Conflicts and issues are addressed effectively and constructively.
My ideas and contributions are valued by my manager.
I feel that my direct manager provides clear guidance and expectations for my work.
My direct manager is supportive and approachable when I need help or have concerns.
I feel comfortable sharing feedback with my direct manager, and I believe they are open to receiving it.
My direct manager effectively communicates the vision and goals of our HR team, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.
I believe my direct manager possesses the necessary skills and qualities to lead our HR team towards achieving our vision and objectives.



Would you be interested in participating in an offsite employee engagement event during work hours?